Our features and services

Our features and services

The cloud storage product line-up of rotcloud represents an enhancement of the products on blaucloud.de, specifically fitted for corporate use and specific demands.

Fundamental conduces as calculation base for your offer, how much storage and user you need for your company. We want to keep the costs for you transparent, so that you and your cloud can grow with calculable costs. In all instances you can fit the specifications for your users or data count perfectly.

Every rotcloud standardly has automatical backups of your encrypted data. By request we supplement this with a separate offsite backup. Of course we also can add a dataprocessing agreement to our cooperation.

The features of our exclusive rotcloud products at a glance

Free storage amount choosement seamless expandable up to 20.000 Gigabyte

On rotcloud you can freely choose the storage amount you need and we will create an individual offer on basis of the desired service.It has no runtime agreement for our service, the payment is made in advance.

So choose from 100 Gigabyte up to 20 Terabyte (20.000 Gigabyte) the storage amount you need. In a typical case of a small or medium sized company the needed storage amount should be between 100 and 5.000 Gigabyte.Readily one of our consultants will be freely available for you, to disclaim the right amount of storage or users for your business.

Migration of other cloud providers to rotcloud

A migration of your data from other cloud providers such as Dropbox, Wuala or similar is possible every time and by request it will be done or attended by our team.Also we'd like to support you by a roll out of the new cloud software inside your company system or stand your IT department consulting aside at every time.Besides on rotcloud you can use your own domain or a subdomain of your company and get a CI adaption of the cloud solution according to your beliefs.Furthermore your rotcloud can be expanded by individual apps which are fitted to your use cases like a dashboard app.

Server location in Germany

Rotcloud.com is hosted at the location Coburg, Germany inside a highly efficientmodern datacenter.This datacenter has the latest security equipment, is guarded 27/7 by competent staff and has a certification as Secure Datacenter, exposed by the TÜV Rheinland (Certification ID: 40712).

Besides we're only using own server hardware. From the first cable to the last screw it is property of the Urospace GmbH (the company behind rotcloud).Only our own certificated and authentificated staffgerman data protection and technical security.The availablility of your rotcloud standardly is at 99,9 % (Tier3 IEEE), but by request we can enlarge it to 99,999 % (Tier 5).

Alternatively for extremely sensible applications, and if the capacities and also if the needed requirements in your house exist, our expert team can also setup and supervise a rotcloud inside your company building.

Costless consulting from our cloud experts

The best bet is you will be informed nonbinding per phone or email, which rotcloud is the best choice for you to let your company use the advantages of cloud based business communication.